Short and Sweet NYC

New York is full of great city spots to visit, whether you're a fan of culture, architectre or want to get a feel of local life.

From hearty chicken and pie's to elegant gourmet plates, New York has more to offer than most cities when it comes to food. Take a tour of a few of our top picks, and you're bound to find something to ease your hunger pangs. 

Webster Hall

The Studio is a performance venue equipped with state-of the-art music and lighting facilities and hosts nightly shows featuring DJs, comedy, dance parties and live bands.

Warsaw at the Polish National Home

Warsaw is an essential element of the New York music scene, and a great-sounding venue featuring indie rock icons, rock legends, and the very best of new-emerging artists.

Village Vanguard

A legendary jazz club, the Vanguard has a long history of launching jazz careers and hosting landmark recordings. Today’s biggest jazz names still grace its stage.

The Village Underground

With its illustrious folk-rock heritage, the present-day Village Underground still strives to be New York’s best place to hear music, and offers music fans the chance to experience many of the world’s greatest performers close to. 

Union Pool

The Union Pool has a funky warehouse theme with DJs, two dance floors and live music nights featuring bands playing classic rock. 

Union Hall

Union Hall is a comfortable and stylish bar and restaurant featuring regular live music by emerging indie bands and support acts. 

United Palace Theatre

The United Palace Theatre has a stunning architectural interior with great acoustics and a warm intimate feeling. Concerts feature major international artists of all genres, including rock. 

The Trash Bar

The Trash Bar is a top-quality music venue with a great sounding room which brings the very best out of its bands, guaranteeing a great experience for audience and musicians alike.

The Town Hall

New York’s historic Town Hall has presented major artists over the years. Its line-up of music, theatre and dance featuring today’s stars continues to draw critical acclaim. 

The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza is one of New York’s premier rock music venues which regularly hosts international headline acts. Appearing at The Plaza has been a significant career highlight for hundreds of artists. 

The Stone

The Stone is an artists’ space for avant-garde and experimental music with a not-for-profit philosophy. Live music is presented nightly, with all proceeds going to the performers.

Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is a large live music venue (capacity 3,000) with five rooms spread over three levels. Drinks and snacks are available as well as some of live music’s greatest bands and emerging artists.

Sullivan Hall

A premier small-scale concert venue, Sullivan Hall features a range of top-tier live music acts, including many from New Orleans. Great shows are enhanced by custom sound and lighting systems. 

S.O.B.'s (Sounds of Brazil)

Sounds of Brazil features Latin-themed music in an intimate setting, and traditional Caribbean and Brazilian food. The club has hosted performances by most of the great Latin artists and draws an international audience.

St. Vitus

St. Vitus is a gothic-themed heavy metal bar offering drinks, food and a vast range of live music featuring bands playing material spanning every possible metal genre.

Spike Hill

Spike Hill is a concert bar venue with great beer. It’s a great place to enjoy comedy or fun music with indie bands and a fantastic audience vibe.

Sidewalk Café

The Sidewalk Café’s reputation for great live entertainment stretches back two decades. Its restaurant and bar areas, and regular entertainment schedule, guarantee a great night out. 

Roseland Ballroom

The Roseland Ballroom is a multi-purpose hall which hosts concerts and music performances across all genres and regularly features headline international artists. 

Rockwood Music Hall

Rockwood Music Hall is a drinks and live performance venue with wood floors and a great music vibe. It has three stages, one of which is ‘free’, and showcase a range of music talent.

Radio City Music Hall

The ‘showplace of the nation’, Radio City Music Hall continues its historical tradition of hosting celebrities and major events of every kind to entertain, elevate and inspire its audiences.


Pianos is a restaurant, bar and live music venue on two-levels, with a stage on each. The music acts are DJs, and both local and national alternative rock bands. 

Pete's Candy Store

Pete’s stylish Candy Store presents a nightly array of quality live music treats for its customers. On-stage bands and artists cover everything from rockabilly right through to ska.

Best Buy Theater Times Square

This is a 2,100 capacity, architect-designed space for live concerts and much more. Its state-of-the-art features promise audiences a truly unique entertainment experience.

Metropolitan Opera

The Met is a world-renowned opera company presenting gems from the repertoire throughout the season and featuring both American and international stars.

Mercury Lounge

The Mercury Lounge is a live music club with a great vibe and a track record of featuring numerous breaking New York bands. 

Madison Square Garden

Billed as the ‘world’s most famous arena’, MSG doesn’t disappoint. It’s unique and vibrant atmosphere is an essential part of the enjoyment of major sporting events.


Littlefield’s flexibly designed performance and art space, and separate bar area, hosts a broad spectrum of live music shows, exhibitions, film screenings and related arts events. 

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

The Lincoln Center regularly presents a broad range of performing arts programmes featuring international artists whose work and accomplishments are truly world-class.

L.I.C. Bar

L.I.C. Bar promises customers a classic NYC ‘watering hole’ experience, with a vibe that’s cool and casual, occasional music performances, and lots of spaces to relax.

Le Poisson Rouge

Le Poisson Rouge presents an eclectic programme fusing music and other arts cultures, and promises a good time for both performers and audiences. 

Knitting Factory

The Knitting Factory has a spacious bar area and a show room featuring a good live-performance mix of underground hip-hop, indie rock, and comedy. 

Joe's Pub

Joe’s Pub is the place to see a diverse range of the best emerging new talent and regular headline artists in an intimate atmosphere with state-of-the-art acoustics. 

Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel

The Hiro Ballroom, below the Maritime Hotel, is a lounge club with a great dance floor and a vibrant atmosphere during music shows.

Hammerstein Ballroom

The Hammerstein Ballroom has a long history of great shows and remains one of New York’s best music venues where the audience feel close to the music acts. 


Glasslands is a converted warehouse environment which is an experimental arts space and live music venue – a great place to party, drink beer and listen to live bands.

Galapagos Art Space

The two-level Galapagos Art Space is the place to enjoy superb visual art, a cool atmosphere, offbeat and interesting live performances, and a great range of drinks. 

Fat Cat

A community live music venue, arts space and more, Fat Cat is a great place to drink beer and take in live music and after-hours jam sessions.

The Cutting Room

With its great acoustics and a music stage, The Cutting Room is a great venue for drinks, dining and top-class music acts.

City Winery

City Winery offer a superb blend of fine wines, great live music and top cuisine to customers who share their passion for everything associated with culinary and cultural experiences.

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is one of New York’s famous landmarks and a prestigious international music venue which regularly features all of the world’s most talented artists and performers. 

Brooklyn Academy of Music

BAM is a world-renowned multi-arts centre hosting the work of both established modern masters and the cream of emerging innovators.

Bowery Ballroom

The Bowery is an intimate venue with great acoustics. One of New York’s best live music experiences, it’s a terrific place to see a show.

Blue Note

A venue for the world’s jazz fans to see nightly performances from the jazz greats at close quarters, Blue Note is also a venue to experience the cream of up-and-coming musicians. 

The Bitter End Tavern

In the heart of Greenwich Village, The Bitter End showcases live bands seven days a week. With over 50 year’s experience, they know how to put on shows. 


Birdland hosts the planet’s best jazz in an atmosphere with great acoustics just made for serious musicians and fans. There’s an award-winning menu too.

The Bell House

The Bell House, a converted 1920s printing press, has a relaxed vibe and hosts shows offering bands, comedy, concerts and similar live events.

Gramercy Theatre

Gramercy is a former movie-theatre and art-house which is now a cosy live music venue with an old-time setting and a great vibe.

Barclay’s Center

This large indoor arena is a professional sports and entertainments venue which hosts all kinds of concerts, conventions, and sports events.

Brooklyn Bowl

This is a top-class bowling alley which is also a great all-music venue with a killer sound system, and has gourmet kitchen facilities.


Great vibes, great music and great drinks - Bembe is really a bar where people dance and experience global music in a multi-sensory atmosphere. 


Barbes has a great beer selection and a performance space which features regular live events – eclectic world music, readings and film screenings.

B.B. King Club

The B.B. King Club, like the man himself, is totally dedicated to the blues and its card-carrying fans, and serves large helpings of great food and mouth-watering music. 

Beacon Theatre

A historic three-tiered Broadway theatre, The Beacon is a leading live music and entertainment show venue for world-class stars and performers. 

Arlene Grocery

Apollo Theatre

The Apollo is the heartbeat of African-America’s cultural legacy and the best place to see today’s world-class live performers.

55 Bar

55 is a late night bar (open till 4 a.m.) with a funky attitude, featuring nightly live jazz and gutsy blues from New York’s top players

Christos Steak House

Lastly, we come to Christo's in 23rd Avenue, a place for those who love the more traditional aspects of drinking and dining in New York. The menu is absolutely gargantuan with classic Mediterranean dishes, treated meats from Southern Europe like Chorizo and a wide variety of vegetarian options for those who prefer it.

Whether you like Baklava or traditional peppered steak, Christo's Steakhouse is definitely the place for a soul-filling and happy meal. 

We hope you find these choices informative and we hope they will help you make a choice when you are next travelling to New York.

XVI Rooftop Bar

This club is located on a Rooftoop in W.48 Street and is certainly one of the most unique places you are likely to visit in New York. It is definitely oriented towards socialites, with furniture arranged so that intimacy is key among friends or something more than that. 

The lighting is placed on tree branches to give a slightly more natural look and the whole place definitely gives off a vibe of exclusivity. Recommended for those who like something more than just a traditional wine and dine bar.

Fratelli La Bufala

Nobody I know will say no to a wood-oven cooked pizza, and Fratelli La Bufala is just the place to eat a delicious pizza with prime ingredients. I am not one for marketing terms like "New Urban Chic" or "New Organic" so let us just plainly say that Fratelli La Bufala is an Italian Pizza Franchise located in Broadway and suited to those who like a little more taste to the usual pizza parlour.
La Bufala's restaurant has clearly an edge in the fact that Francesco Spilabotte, the main chef, has worked at a variety of the most prestigious restaurant in Naples, Italy (the birthplace of pizza) and certainly is no stranger in what ingredients are needed for a traditional and genuine Italian pizza. A friendly atmosphere and delicious pizza certainly make La Bufala a favourite among many visitors in Brooklyn.

Radegast Hall

If you feel like drinking at a classic pub with all wood interiors and rowdy crowds, then the Radegast Hall is definitely the right place for you. Though many would not think of Williamsburg as the ideal place for this type of pub, the Biergarten does not look at all out of place and it is even widely frequented by all manner of local life. 

Some standard pub foods are waiting if you'd like it, like schnitzel, bbq or good old sausage. A variety of beers are always available, from some classic German beers to lighter Australian lagers. 

Pie Face NYC

An Australian-based pie place as the name suggests, for those who love pies of all shapes and sizes. Not only suited to Australians of course, but Aussies will definitely find a piece of home and all the comforts associated with that. 

A place particularly suited to those who go out late at night and want something filling for the stomach and the soul. Located in 507A Third Ave by the Theatre district or near Penn Station.

Battery Street Market

Robert Sckalor leads this health conscious food counter, suited to all those who prefer to watch their calories and eat their greens with passion and panache. Battery place is frequented by locals, vegetarians and health-conscious tourists alike, with organic creations in the limelight. 

Battery Place Market is located in Tribeca and definitely caters to those looking for more unique products which might not otherwise be available in other parts of New York. For instance, Gotham Lettuce, some Coffee By Design or Abita Beer might have been on your thoughts all of which are easily available at the stalls. The market isn't exclusive to healthy eating though, as you can also find plenty of meats like sausage, beef and bacon in lush sandwich preparations. 

If you like noisy and lively places with an eye on healthy living, Battery Place Market is definitely recommended.

Noir NY

For those who are tired of comfortable locales, retro furnishings, soul food and a less formal atmosphere, will likely find NOIR their restaurant of choice. This restaurant is much revered by the New Yorker upper-middle class, since the restaurant's elegant atmosphere and gourmet food creations will appeal to those inclined towards a more opulent and luxurious experience. 

NOIR gives an idea of what it felt like to dine before the tough economic times which have hit use recently, and its marble floors, spiral staircases, ample booths and its atmosphere suffused with ambient lighting certainly makes for a more formal and sober atmosphere. Some popular dishes include a delicious black risotto and a number of palatable salads which give the restaurant's menu somewhat of a French-Italian bias. 

Sweet Chick

Another unpretentious venue located in the heart of Brooklyn which will make even the sternest of travellers instantly comfortable with its homely ambience. Sweet Chick will immediately inspire travellers and holiday makers to try out something new, or perhaps have a taste of some delicious soul food which would otherwise not be considered by those who are health conscious.

A mix of crispy chicken, waffles, puddings and more will have you satisfied while comfortably embraced in a delightful mix of candlelight and natural North 8th Street atmosphere, all making that distinctive Williamsburg touch all the more memorable for your holiday. The crowd is a mix of regulars and tourists which gives the place that unique mix perhaps unmatched anywhere else in the once-unforgiving Brooklyn.

Summit Bar

Red-brick pubs and clubs have always been a favourite for students and middle-class workers who enjoy having a glass of wine or sandwich after work, and Summit Bar is definitely one such bar with its wide variety of cocktails and specials menu. 

The atmosphere is very cool and relaxed and the bar remains a particular favourite during those hot summer months which New York is blessed with every single year. During the summer you can enjoy drinks and food on a rooftop or patio, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable if you are looking for a memorable summer in New York.

Summit Bar definitely makes for a memorable experience during the winter too though, serving anything from Margaritas to Eggnog for those Christmas months. Definitely recommended all year round.


Located under the daily hustle and bustle of Manhattan bridge, with its varied forms of humanity coming from all facets of life, Superfine is definitely one place you will want to visit for its work-friendly atmosphere and unpretentious ambience. 

This locale does not look much different than a normal warehouse, and it furnished with a retro style which makes it all the more comfortable and cozy. It feels like a homely pub, a place where you'd go after a hard day's work, and it never feels as if you are much far away from home when drinking or eating in this place.

A wide and inexpensive choice of drinks and food definitely makes Superfine a popular choice for locals and tourists which you will not want to miss.