Whether you are visiting or just moved here...the best way to get to know this great city is to take an AllTourNative Amsterdam Tour!

Amsterdam has lots of weird and wonderful things to see and do - if you know where to look!AllTourNative Amsterdam can take you by bike, feet or boat to cool places you won’t read about in guidebooks. Offering unique, off-the-beaten-track tours of graffiti, street art, squats, artist communities, unusual galleries, nature and other hidden gems. If you’re looking for something less active, we can also arrange visits to parks, the beach or alternative bars and coffeeshops frequented by locals, not to mention underground parties!

The groups are always small and personal and are available for every budget. It is always possible to have a private tour or to have a tour customized.

Kashmir Lounge

A locals bar and coffee shop with a good selection, alcohol license and live music in the evenings.

Tours: Coffeeshop/ Going out/ Alternative biking


De Valreep

A subversive community initiative. This squat holds parties, workshops, films, political discussions, festivals and has one of Amsterdam’s graffiti/ Street Art walls of Fame around it. 

Tours: Alternative biking/ Street art biking/ Going out



A spacious locals bar/ café with a beach for summer and huge fires for winter. Hosts events, including street art jams and mini festivals.

Tours: Alternative biking/ Street art biking


Sound Garden

An alternative rock bar where Amsterdammers hang out.

Tours: Going out/ boat tours/ street art walking



The local’s alternative park. A regenerated gas factory hosting loads of events, festivals and home to cool cafes, bars, restaurants, cinema, exhibitions and nightclubs.

Tours: Alternative biking / Shopping/ Going out/ Summer Fun



A formerly squatted shipyard, turned artist commune, skate park, party venue, flea market, graffiti hall of fame.

Tours: Alternative walking/  Alternative biking / Shopping/ Going out/ Noord biking



An artist village that was squatted 30 years ago. Meet the artists that live there or check out one of their fun events!

Tours: Weird and Wonderful/ Full Day Tours/ Shore Tours